The Good Twin

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The Good Twin
Author: Marti Green
Genre: Thriller
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The Good Twin

Mallory Holcolm is a waitress who wants to be an artist in Queens boardinghouse. Life isn’t the best for her, as she tries hard to make ends meet while making her dream come true. But one day, she finds out that she has a twin! Hurray for Mallory, she is no longer alone. Charlotte “Charly” was adopted by a rich couple, and had a great life and graduated from Princeton. Charly is a gallery owner who rubs shoulders with the rich and famous, unaware that she has a twin sister. But before she gets to reunite with her long lost sister, something comes in between them.


The Good Twin started with a background story on how a pair of twins became separated. Mallory’s mother had to give away her second child to be adopted, as she couldn’t afford twins. The story centres around Mallory, who is a struggling artist working as a waitress while trying to draw. The story is a little slow at the start, but picks up after Mallory finds out the truth about her history. A little digging around later, she finally realises that she does indeed have a twin sister named Charly.

Some parts of the book has a different point of view, mainly Ben’s perspective. Ben is Charly’s husband, which gives away a lot of the story without actually reading the whole of it. I think it was a dead giveaway when the author did it this way.


Mallory is the main character in the story, although it would be a stretch to call her the protagonist.

Ben, husband of Charly is the main antagonist in the story. He’s married to Charly, and Ben had ambitions that were squashed when he chose to marry Charly. Ben is a narcissistic man who is accustomed to a life money can buy.

Charly is the younger twin, given up for adoption when she was born.

My Thoughts

While the story is interesting, it is not entirely unique. The writing was just so- so, there is no build up of much conflict and suspense. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, even though the author did try to get me to sympathise with her. I could see what the writer is trying to do, but it’s like her heart wasn’t in it.  It was not a bad story, but the story telling skill was not great. I will be honest in saying that I struggled to finish the book, mainly because the style was boring and couldn’t trigger any of my emotions.

I didn’t even laugh or become upset when Mallory did something bad. Maybe I’m just numb?


I tried to like it, but in the end it wasn’t for me. But I did finish it, however it’s a stretch for me to recommend it at its present state.

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  1. So much potential but sounds as though it just couldn’t pull it off. When it comes to characters I need to be able to relate or have an emotional connection to really immerse myself.Sadly they sound a bit too bland. A shame really. Sorry you couldn’t have enjoyed this more Ailyn but brilliant review darling! <3

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