The Hemsworth Effect

The Hemsworth Effect

The Hemsworth Effect takes place in the infamous Byron Bay. Featuring Aimee Maguire, Book store Aimee, or better known as The Cranky Local. She has been living in Byron Bay her whole life, and now, because of movie stars moving into the area, she’s being priced out of her home. It is not a slow effect as Aimee and her friends Rob and Charlie are becoming homeless quick.

Reality Hits

Once reality hits, The Hemsworth Effect takes on a faster pace as Aimee loses more than her bookstore: The Dream Explosion. She then gets an eviction notice and soon she will be homeless. To add to the drama, her niece Freya shows up from Sydney.

Among all the drama, Aimee gets an offer to appear in The Brats of Byron Bay, as the Byron Karen. Freya convinces her to take the offer and there she meets Heath, the producer. Not long after, she meets a cute guy name Jules.

Meet Aimee

The story is not really the celebrities pushing the prices of property up in Byron Bay. It is more about Aimee and her past. James Weir, the author, does a lot of reality show narrating, and he’s the reason I got this book from Netgalley.

The story takes on a vibe of reality show/ drama. Aimee is a real hot mess. She has friends who love her, but she is a really hard girl to like. Despite sharing a space with the celebrities, she hardly pays attention to the comings and goings around her. Her ignorance is a source of pain for her, but a comedy for the readers and those around her.


I think James Weir is the perfect writer for The Hemsworth Effect. Maybe it is because I will rather read his articles about those reality shows than watch it. Aimee is a painful train wreck that is hard to sympathize but you can totally empathize.

She’s snarky and is a proud Byron Karen. Aimee Maguire is unapologetically (somewhat) true to herself. By the end of the book, the clouds clear and things settle down a little. While I am not sure if James Weir intends to have a sequel, I think the ending is ambiguously clear that Aimee has finally found herself.


If you are interested in reading how he writes before jumping into this, here is the link for his review on a television series. I enjoyed the Hemsworth Effect, because it is chaotic like a reality television, but relatable in real life.

Whether if you are Aimee, Rob, Charlie or Freya, being yourself is the moral of the story. And #DontForgetYourKeepCup.

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Author: James Weir

Publishing: 30 November 2022

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