The Lane Betrayal (Time Box Book 1)

The Lane Betrayal

The Lane Betrayal
Author: John A. Heldt
Series: Time Box Book 1
Genre: Historical fiction, romance

Mark Lane has a problem: his company has developed a time machine. His corporate partner, Robert Devereaux, wants to use the devices to “rule the world”. The story starts with Mark executes his plan to foil Robert’s plot. And to escape the fury of the company and clutches of Robert Devereaux, Mark takes the time boxes and escapes to 1865 with his family.

Together with his wife Mary, his kids Jordan, Jeremy, Ashley and Laura, they land at the thick of the end of the Civil War in 1865. From the beginning, the story is thick with suspense and a lot of action. This comes as a (good) surprise for me, because it catapults me into a situation where I keep following the family to see where things go.


Mark Lane is the patriarch of the family, and the former partner of Janus. His wife Mary is a strong woman who faces the adversary step- by-step head on. Their children are Jordan, Laura, Jeremy and Ashley. THe family travels together to 1865, to escape the wrath of Robert when Mark destroyed the blueprints of the time travel machine and stole the working prototypes.

Randy Taylor is the software engineer who helped the Lanes escape safely, a conspirator who does not want the power and money hungry boss to upset past for his own financial gains.

Robert Devereaux is the ultimate villain in the story, and he sends Silas Bain to do the dirty job of tracking the Lane family. Silas is a trained military personnel with a lot of experience tracking people. The cat-and-mouse chase is sometimes nail- biting when he comes awfully close.

We have the people in 1865 that make a difference in their lives. But since they are not staying in 1865 for long…


The Lane Betrayal starts off as a family going on a run after foiling an attempt to rule the world, that’s basically it. But instead of running around the world, the family gets to run around time! While Mark Lane chose wisely on his virgin time-travel, he quickly realises that he had made some crucial mistakes that made the story whole. I did not know a lot of things about American Civil War times until I read the book.

When I think about it, the events make sense. Not to mention since it’s history, the major events that had happened make the story solid. I have always been a fan of John Heldt’s work, not for the big events and historical episodes, but small ones that people will not notice unless mentioned. There are lots of them in this book, and I nod as I wonder if it’s 100% true or probably some made up?


The Lane Betrayal is his new series that is still tied to time- travel. The family hits the ground running after months of preparation, and I enjoy how the family struggles through being in a different time. Ashley is hilarious, though I cringe a little when she makes small mistakes, but… Ashley’s quite young. It seems that the family is well prepared financially and physically, but emotionally and mentally not ready.

This makes the story quite relatable, because I will be like them! So at the moment, I hope that I can be like Mary. She has done her own homework, and there’s not much mistake (verbal and manner wise) on her part. At least someone’s done homework =)

Yes, if you are into a cat- and- mouse type time- travelling with some love story at the background 😉


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