The Mansion by Ezekiel Boone

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The Mansion

The Mansion
Author: Ezekiel Boone
Genre: Horror, Techno- Thriller, Suspense
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The Mansion

Does the name of the author sound familiar? That name is the reason why I requested the book from Netgalley, a lot of reviewers raved about his The Hatching series, but I wasn’t brave enough to read about creepy species ruling the world. The Mansion is on my radar because of its synopsis: two ex- best-friends coming together back to where it all started. The Eagle Mansion is where it all began and ended, but something refuses to leave.


Mainly the book revolves around Billy Stafford in the present, but the book also flips to the past for Shawn. Both men had a past, roughing it in a decrepit cottage, trying to create something revolutionary. Their friendship broken over a girl and Shawn took Eagle Logic and made it into his own.

Shawn Eagle is portrayed by the author as the villain, because we all need someone to hate. He is charismatic, smart with words but knows deep down that he needed Billy to make things work. Surrounded by money, his insecurity stems from his childhood and his understanding that he was stealing other people’s work to make himself rich. He was a villain that you sympathised and hated at the same time.

Emily is the girl the boys found for, but ultimately she chose Billy all those years ago. But now, with her sister and her extended family, Emily is forced back to where it all began. The place might have been all done up and beautiful, something sinister still lives there. Emily knows it, can feel it deep down in her bones, yet she feels that she owes Billy and Shawn to stay in the Eagle Mansion.


Even though this is an amazing book, it started kinda slow. Full of history, the book had to flip to the past and present to get everyone on the same page. From midway, it was a roller-coaster ride with all the adrenaline. The ending for the Mansion was to me, a little floppy. Not that I don’t like it, I think that it could have been more explosive. I can’t say much about the story without spoilers, but the story does revolve around that property, and ties in strongly the theme of techno- thriller.

When we talk about Nellie, she’s like Skynet in Terminator, an AI that is more sentient. It gets creepy most of the time, but sometimes you really wonder if the characters are going crazy or they are driving you crazy.


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I know now why Ezekiel Boone was such a hit, his is an engaging author with a flair of creep factor. I flipped page to page, ignoring the clock and my beauty sleep. Of course I should not have read it before bed, because being a suspense thriller, I was awake until much later. Those who love a good mystery and trying to figure out stories, try reading this!

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