The Memory Tree (Carson Chronicles) Review

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The Memory Tree
Author: John A Heldt
Genre: Time Travelling/ adventure
Series: Carson Chronicles 2
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The Memory Tree

Following River Rising, the Carson siblings: Adam, Greg, Natalie, Cody and Caitlin, together with Adam’s new wife Bridget, moved from 1889 Pennsylvania to 1917 Minnesota. Their research lead them to believe that their parents would show up there, but without a solid lead, everything is a guess. So now the kids have to guess where would their parents be in this particular era.


In Memory Tree, the family settles in quickly in Minnesota, getting ready for the Prohibition. Greg decided to travel to Mexico, to get some information about their ancestors. Natalie quickly found a job as a journalist, while Cody and  Caitlin found a long lost friend.

The book features third person point of view, but the camera frequently shifts between characters. While Adam worries about his wife and younger members of the family, Greg gets into more trouble. Cody and Caitlin are struggling to let the past go.

As usual, the author had selected this particular time and location for a reason. The Carson siblings provides a good mix of history, adventure and a sense of urgency. While the Carson parents made more appearance in the book, they are more educational to read. They are more experienced, and worried sick about their children.


As the family tries to connect, I was treated to a great mix of history lesson and page- gripping excitement. Actually excitement is not a good word to describe it, but it is the closest I can get without spoiling anything. You do have to read from book 1, River Rising as the book continues on.

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Definitely a series to pick if you love history, not big ones like Presidents and wars, but smaller local stories. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I am sure you will too.

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