The NeverMind of Brian Hildebrand

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The NeverMind of Brian Hildebrand
Author: Martin Myers
Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Mystery & Thrillers
Publishing date: July 2018
Source: Netgalley

The NeverMind of Brian Hildebrand

First thing that drew me into accepting this book for a review was the fact that Brian Hildebrand is in a comatose state. The book starts out explaining about his situation, and what the people around him are saying and doing about it.

Then it got strange, Brian talks!

No, not physically. Much of the book features inside Brian’s bored head, as he can no longer use his body. Hence the book is titled so, because it’s in his mind.


What story? There is no story in this book, because Brian Hildebrand is busy living a life in his mind. His caregivers are unaware that Brian is actually conscious and he is aware what is happening around him. I would have gone stir crazy if that happens to me. But Brian takes it in stride, telling the world/ readers about everything he thinks about.

Aside from opinions, Brian also talks to resident ghosts, which is no shortage if you are in a hospital. There is an odd angel and demon, though I am not sure how it fits in his hyper- activated mind.


I have no idea how to recommend this.

It is good and fun of course, if you are reading it for entertainment only. But if you want something deeper than that, I am not sure if The NeverMind of Brian Hildebrand would be a satisfying read. Sure, there are a lot of thoughts and dreams put into this, then again it goes nowhere. If you know what I mean, the journey that Brian Hildebrand took is to nowhere, which in itself is a problem to me.

But if you like books like this, it is quite okay.

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