The Perfect Girlfriend

The Perfect Girlfriend


The Perfect Girlfriend
Author: Karen Hamilton
Genre: Psycho Thriller
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The Perfect Girlfriend … Juliette

The biggest problem with the Perfect Girlfriend… is that she is no longer the girlfriend. Oh yea, you read that right. Juliette starts the book off by telling readers a lot of things, you think that she’s is this girl whom would be so great to be with.

Then the story swaps to the past, where we understand Juliette’s history and her obsession with Nate. So while we juggle between past and present, I truly wonder what is the author thinking while she wrote this book.


The main one is Juliette of course. She is meticulous, and no mistake, a stalker. The Amazon cover looks pretty interesting, but the Australian one is already available.

There’s Nate, her not- really- boyfriend. And a friend from work here and there. Together they serve a smaller purpose: Juliette’s puppet. Aside from the main girl, these are kinda washed out, what I know is from what Juliette thinks. I am not saying that it is bad, but it does kind of one sided.

But, Karen Hamilton is a wonder in description. Their fear and shock transfers from the word upwards into your mind, you can almost share the palpitations at Juliette’s action.


She’s a weird one, our anti- hero. There is not heroine in the book, only a villain who readily admits it. I would have loved to hate her, but all I feel is pity towards her. I don’t really understand why she did it, but that’s not what the book is trying to do.

Not only that, the ending was really odd. Kinda like an unending, I think I know why she did it? But I felt bad for her victims. I wasn’t shocked, but the story still ended at a weird place, which I do not like.

While this book was available in Netgalley (I did see it) but I got this copy from my local library. Apparently it will only release next year in the US.


This is weird as book with a creepy girl who really knows who to ruin people’s life. Of course, if you want to make yourself feel better because you are in a shitty relationship, go for it.

Alternatively, if you are in a shitty relationship and wants to make people miserable, definitely for you.

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