The Red Scrolls of Magic

The Red Scrolls of Magic
Authors: Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu
Series: Shadowhunters/ The Eldest Curse 1
Genre: Fantasy, LGBTQ, Romance
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The Red Scrolls of Magic

It’s Magnus Bane and Alex Lightwood, what more do I need for a reason to read this? So this book starts innocently enough. Magnus wants romance, and Alec Lightwood is always in work mode. After a few false starts, they finally make it to Paris.


This is the first book that starts out romantic and somewhat awkward. Magnus is an old man, while Alec is new at the whole relationship thing. Of course, they struggle, finding space and coming into terms that they are different beings in love.

Well, Magnus is a mage, if you do not know that already. Alec the Shadowhunter human is so new at relationship he second guesses everything. The Red Scrolls of Magic surfaces when a bunch of humans are worshipping Magnus, and creating a big mess.

That’s the main story about: secret scrolls and if they are indeed real. I much rather focus on the romance part of the book. It is sweet and cringe-worthy in the good way, because they are so very much like new couple trying to find a common ground in a relationship.

Who’s The Red Scrolls of Magic

Alec and Magnus are the stars of the book. Of course they have a few friends, like Alec’s parabatai Jace and sister Isabella. Then we have various characters, as well as some really odd villains.

Let’s just focus on the two lovebirds shall we?


I know that Cassandra Clare’s new book Chains of Gold is coming out with a new book/ series soon. But Red Scrolls of Magic is fun and heartwarming, you just have to read it.

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