The Refuge (Time Box Book 4)

The Refuge

The Refuge
Series: Time Box Book 4 of 5
Author: John A. Heldt
Genre: time travel, romance
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The Lanes are back!
If you haven’t read them, you can get the first 3 books here to get to know the Lanes better

Now, the family arrives at 1941’s Oahu, Hawaii. If you know your history, then you will understand the importance of the year and location. Following a tip off from a close friend Randy, Mark Lane and his family decide to stop his nemesis from carrying out a sinister plan.


1941 in Hawaii might sound idyllic, only if you are not aware of what is going to come soon. Mark and his family quickly move into a community of Laie. Meanwhile, their immediate adversary, Silas Bain, lands in Waianae, Oahu.

Good old Google maps will tell me that they are opposite ends of the island. This leads us to Jordan and Jessie going on a chase to stop Silas Bain from wrecking havoc in their lives ever again.

In 2022, Randy Taylor is having troubles with the head honcho Robert Deveraux: the big evil boss does not trust him anymore. Randy tries to balance between gaining more information and trying to stay safe from suspicion.


If you are one of Lanes, wouldn’t it be tempting to stop the event? That is what plenty members of the Lane family agonize about. None more torn than Jeremy Lane, who met a lovely girl named Sarah Gustafson.

Silas, in his quest to fulfill his mission, meets a lady of his own: Ellen Dale. Briefly there’s color in his life, and there is something for him to protect.

Meanwhile, the author adds another scene: Maximilian Roth, Robert’s grandfather who had first invented the time machine. You see where this is going.

The story progresses quickly enough. Since there is an infamous event coming, the book is literally a countdown. Will the Lanes be successful in stopping Robert in changing the course of history, or will the evil mastermind reign supreme with his semi- competent sidekick.?

I say semi-competent, if Silas Bain is good at what he does, I am sure there won’t be 4 books.


This is getting interesting! With the Lanes trying to stop the enemy from changing history, the dynamic shifts from running to chasing. I like the change; it makes the series a lot more interesting.

Both sides are getting desperate, and whoever wins the next battle might win the war. The Refuge tells a story of love and community, but it also shows a genuine dilemma of time traveling. If you are the time traveler in The Refuge, would you have made the same decisions?

Must read in order, but must read nonetheless.

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