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The Rumor
Author: Lesley Kara
Genre: Detective, Thriller, Mystery
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It All Started with The Rumor

For Lesley Kara, it all starts with her debut novel, The Rumor. I got this from Netgalley because the synopsis looked inviting. Joanna Critchley is single mother, trying her best to the best of her new home in Flinstead. It is not really a new location, having lived in the neighbourhood until she had Alfie. Joanna was single by choice, Alfie’s dad is still in the picture.

Fitting into a new community may not seem like a big deal to an adult, but it is important to a child’s mental well being. After all, we all need some form of acknowledgment from our own community to thrive, plus we are programmed to want some approval. Makes every sense that Joanna is worried that her son Alfie might not fit in. Hence, Joanna throws casual comments about a rumor here and there, hoping to be part of something.


Joanna Critchley is the main character of the show, as the story is in first person view. Sometimes I feel for Joanna, it is not easy being a single parent, and worse if you are discriminated by the “in” group. Schoolyard bullying is not just for students, apparently mothers do that too (there was a news report in Australia about this).

Michael Lewis is an investigative journalist, and Alfie’s dad. He may not be in the picture often, but he does play a role in The Rumor. Like mothers, investigative journalists love a good piece of gossip. He continued poking at things that he should not have, but what’s a story without some nosying around right?

Invisible Villian is linked intricately with the Rumour. It started with a child killed named Sally McGowan, who was ten when she stabbed Robbie Harries in a game. Of course, being in a child, she was given new identity and a new life after she did her time. The start of the Rumor might spell bad news for her…


Although the story and premise sounds pretty cool, for me it was a little slow. The book focused on Joanna’s need to fit in more than the mystery itself. It is not bad, but I wished that it had a faster pace, or at least tigther story line. Nevertheless, I like it a lot. I did suspect that some things would happen, but there are still some surprising twists in the book that makes me gasp.


Totally love this mystery, simple yet effective story telling. By combining a mother’s nature into the story, Lesley had successfully carved out an original story that fits into the modern world. Mystery is well done, but I think it can do better in the pace department.

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