The Shadowglass Review

The Shadowglass (The Bone Witch Book 3)

The Shadowglass
Author: Rin Chupeco
Series: The Bone Witch Book 3
Genre: Fantasy
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The last book of the Bone Witch series, we return to Tea and her monsters. You will have to read The Bone Witch and The Heart Forger to be able to follow Shadowglass. Picking up where we left off previously, Tea continues her quest to control daeva and lay waste to lands of her enemies.

Following footsteps of the poor Bard, Tea’s story still alternates between past and the present. Only this time, there is a mystery added. Tea gave Bard her version, written down before she drops him in the safety of her brother and Kalen. By the end of story, it all becomes clear.

Story of Shadowglass

In the Eight Kingdoms, there are a lot of stories about how Asha came about. Of course, we all know that stories have a grains of truth and fabrication. How far does one go to keep power? In the book, not only Tea’s mission comes into conclusion, but history and what we know about Bone Witches change with it.

It’s like being told that we revolve around the sun, only to find out that the Sun is not even real. Oh, as if that is not enough, there is another big betrayal! Now it is clear to me Tea is so angry, and I don’t blame her.

Good and Bad

You may have seen a lot of good and bad reviews of Bone Witch series, but your opinion is totally your own. Like it or hate it, it has taken me a year to reach to this conclusion. While I cannot say that I totally like the first two, Shadowglass ties the story nicely. There is action, mystery and a lot of backstabbing beetches…

The ending?

It’s clear since book two what will happen, it is nice to see that the author doesn’t suddenly decide otherwise =D

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