The Soul of Gift Wrapping – who doesn’t love a pretty package?

Author Megumi Lorna Inouye starts with the reason and the inspiration behind writing The Soul of Gift Wrapping. She said at the start

“A gift is an opportunity to show graditude for someone we care about. The beauty of the presentation, thoughtfulness of the materials, and the loving intentions passed along in the act of wrapping are all gifts of care perhaps equal to the gift itself. “

To the author, and perhaps you as the gift-giver, wants to make someone happy with a beautiful wrapped present. For me, it is exciting to receive a gift with bows and ribbons, because I know how much effort that takes. Believe me, I hardly make any effort in the gift wrapping department.

Waste not- Want not

Megumi Lorna Inouye does not only talk about pretty gift wraps, but also not wasting materials. The Soul of Gift Wrapping also has tips on reusing things. Often, I don’t feel like wrapping gifts because paper is expensive. But after reading the first few chapters, hopefully you will change your mind a little about this practice.

I will admit that I borrowed the book because the author is Japanese and the cover of the book is pretty. Who does not want to show of their cool wrapping skills? My main reason is Furoshiki (風呂敷), it is a wrapping cloth you see on Japanese shows or anime. While lunch boxes are typically wrapped in one, you can use Furoshiki to wrap gifts.

Best part of all, as a receiver you can reuse the cloth wraps for other things. If you search, the fabrics are thick and have attractive patterns.

The Wrapping Part

While I enjoy the aesthetics of the picture and the easy flow of the eassy, the instructions of gift wrapping is the weakest link in the book. Out excitement, I tried one and…

It does not turn out the same as the picture… and I can’t actually tell from the angle of photo if it is correct. I appreciate the measurements of some of the instructions, because it does help with paper fit and making things look professional.

The book also contains ideas using recycled materials, and using textures to add to the charm of your present. Maybe one of these days I will attempt again or follow instructions closely.


The Soul of Gift Wrapping lives by the motto that every step of showing your love and appreciation is important. It is not only important to select a suitable gift, wrapping it with additional care is also a crucial step when it comes to showing affection.

Overall, a book worth keeping if you are a person who loves asthetics. I will admit that I will not spending that much time on gifts for children though…

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