The Three Secret Cities

The Three Secret Cities

The Three Secret Cities
Author: Matthew Reilly
Genre: thriller, action, adventure, sci-fi
Series: Book 5 of Jack West Jr.
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My Copy of the Three Secret Cities

Both covers show something interesting from the book. I have followed Jack West Jr since the days of Seven Deadly Wonders. The problem with this, the series is beginning to become tedious. I was excited, and the book did not let me down, but it’s repeating itself a little often now. I have been reading Matthew Reilly since Uni days, which is around ten years ago. Truth to be told, I prefer his standalone books better. Right now, Jack West Jr. needs a new villain, or someone with better sense of humour.

I am complaining, because I waited hell long for this book to arrive from the library. Sure, I can buy it, but that would be strange as I don’t own the previous few. My orchids are not doing well by the way, the leaves are turning brown and rotting away. The flowers remain pretty, which is nice. Not sure how long they can last with all the neglect, my six White Clouds have been dying off… three left now.

Story so far

So The Four Legendary Kingdoms, Jack West Jr. disrupted a very important event at the end of the story. He did it as a payback for all the pain some strangers caused, well he is allowed to be spiteful. And I really mean strangers, imagine waking up with no clue as to what you have to do to survive, and they are holding your kid as some collateral. Also in that book, Matthew Reilly pitted another of his hero against Jack. Totally loved that book, this one… nah.

Now… he has to fix his mistakes or the world will end. This is the part I really do not like, it is really a rinse and repeat from the days of the Seven Deadly Wonders. It seems that the author had reached a writer’s block or some sort, and reused the whole plot. The difference is mainly the location, and some added enemies. Kind of like a game where the level goes up, but you are stuck slashing and dashing across the map in search of treasure.

Not to mention, he is over doing the exclamation marks and italics. They do not bother me usually, but seeing one every other chapter can be annoying. Somehow I think that’s a reason why his book is not being done into movies or series, there is not much character growth. Saving the world is one thing, but Jack remains the same.

Should You Read it?

Not really… unless you have already started with Seven Deadly Wonders. Yes, it has action and a lot of explosives, but that’s about it. I like parts about the book, but the historical tidbits are nothing new to me. While I did not struggle with the book, I did not enjoy it as much as I hoped. Running for your lives, and saving other people’s arses are things that are getting a little bit old for the series.

A little sad that I have to say don’t read it… but it’s nothing special.

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