The Westhampton Hurricane (Review)

The Westhampton Hurricane: Colton Banyon Mystery 27 (Volume 27)
Series: Colton Banyon Mystery #27
Authors: Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki
Genre: mystery, suspense, historical fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-13: 978-1540302328

My Review for Westhampton Hurricane

I have received this book in exchange for a fair review, no compensation is received.

27 books, I have actually read 27 Colton Banyon books *amazed at myself*. I have watched/ read Colton grew from a ‘single man’ team, into a leader for an efficient team of experts that saved the world. While you do not need to read all 27 previous books prior to Westhampton Hurricane, it does help relate to the book and characters easier. If you have read any of the Colton Banyon Mysteries (with the exception of SIM team), then this might interest you.

Westhampton Hurricane happened in 1966 at Westhampton NY, where Colton Banyon and his family resided. The hurricane had uncovered something special. The hurricane had also smashed part of barrier island, Dune Road and some houses. As usual, Colton decides to see what turned up on the beaches after the hurricane: it was the military. A little poking around yielded result, something was washed ashore, dislodged by the Westhampton Hurricane.

Soon, Colton’s curiosity drags him and a friend¬†around town. Some clam digging unearths more questions, Colton is determined to uncover everything. But when things get dangerous, does Colton have the power to stop bad guys? Or will he find a guardian angel? Colton the teen may be getting into big trouble.

Colton’s sharp intuition was definitely cultivated back in 1966. It is the little things that matter, like trust and friendship. I like the setting of Westhampton Hurricane.¬†This story is worth a read, particularly if you already know Colton and his other friend. I would recommend it to those who are familiar with the series. But it can be also read as a standalone

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