The Women On Retford Drive Review

The Women On Retford Drive
Author: Alretha Thomas
Series: Dancing Hills Mystery Series, Volume 1
Genre:  Mystery & Thrillers , Women’s Fiction

The Women On Retford Drive … rich and pretty

Pretty over of their current situation, Julia Pritchard was a sitcom star, trying to revive her dying career. Her stepdaughter, Blythe is trying to be an attorney. Despite being non- blood- related, they share a bond, tied together by a man: Keith Pritchard. The story starts off harmless, then the hook sinks: Keith Pritchard, husband and father, found dead. The Women on Retford Drive initially sighed a breath of relief, but soon that became sighs of worry. Because things are not really going their way at all, the evidence do not stack up, and the cops are knocking on their door.

I had read/ followed Alretha Thomas’s books, the most recent one being A Penny For Her Heart (Review), some of her books I reviewed are lost when I switched blogs. Anyway, true to her style, the girls on Retford Drive are not stupid. Most of the girls in her book are not dumb, just handed a lousy hand. The suspense is not only whodunnit, but also why?

There are a lot of suspects in the book, of course the clues keep pointing back to Julia. Someone is obviously trying to mislead the police and the readers, will they get away with the deception is anyone’s guess.


The first character introduced is Julia Pritchard, she is the one the camera follows most. Julia was an actress until she married Keith, a business tycoon with a daughter from previous marriage. Like most rich man’s wife, she has a lot to hide, I don’t mean wrinkles. The author makes it clear to readers about Julia’s history, a red herring that makes you wonder if she did do it.

Then came the good daughter: Blythe. A little odd for a stepdaughter to be close to her step-mom isn’t it? But they share way more than just a roof and a man ( well… )  Blythe has her father’s drive and ambition, but lacks some of his meanness. In the story, she tries to help Julia navigate the law as a future attorney. If you suspect her motive, that is well understood. I did watch How To Get Away with Murder, naturally I thought to her too.

Keith Pritchard, dead man. The business tycoon that did not turn up at work, and has so many skeletons in the closet you wonder how he managed to keep them shut. Though, with his death, they rattle and tattle. Funny thing about bones, they sure tell a lot even without words. He is a man no one would miss, except maybe the mistress?


This is great, The Women On Retford Drive actually starts in an awkward situation turned worse. It’s like watching a car accident unfold in the worst possible way. Alretha Thomas has become more comfortable with its murder mysteries, better a lies and deception, crucial skills when you create a murder mystery.

Like what Dr. Gregory House always say: “people always lie.”

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