The Hot Guy by Mel Campbell & Anthony Morris

The Hot Guy
Authors: Mel Campbell & Anthony Morris
Genre: romance
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I had the Hot Guy over for Valentine’s Week

But I dumped this book after like half way through, he just wasn’t the one for me. The story started out great, first I get to know Cate. She has the worst jokes you have ever heard/ read, but it is to cover her anxiety and fear. Even the cover was cute, the old film reel, and a pastel choice of colors. Kinda makes you think that this is a rom com, so what made me dump this book? Is it because the guy wasn’t hot enough?

My issue with the book, is the premise itself.


We have Cate the Sports Publicist, who is working to promote a sports stadium that doesn’t want people doing too much sports in it. It is weird as, but seriously I should have taken that hint to run away and never look back.

Then Adam comes next, the Hot Guy who was oblivious that he is labelled as such. He works in a cinema (surprise surprise) as one of the attendants, with his really weird mates.

Cate also has two best friends, but if you have friends like hers, who needs enemies. But let’s just focus on the story.

Story & What’s Wrong with It

First of all, there is nothing wrong with the story. It is a good and kinda original story where girl meets boy. In fact, the whole synopsis is why I picked up the book, aside from the fact that it says Hot Guy, but I digress. I was lured into the promise that this is going to be a love story involving a guy who is not narcissistic, or at least cares more about his girlfriend than polo. It was indeed written that way, if I could get past the fatal flaw, I would have loved it.

What’s Wrong With It: Everything!!

Saying that Adam is clueless about his hotness is like my husband telling me that he can cook, then proceeds to burn stir- fry (no joke). Look, I cannot fathom an aspiring movie director to be so dense. Never have I watched a man that clueless about his attractiveness, it is painful. While Cate throws silly jokes, it is Adam who made the whole book tank. If the authors are reading this, please make it more realistic. There should be a line somewhere that defines stupidity and being oblivious, Adam has crossed that line. Yes, I am saying he’s stupid.

That fact itself made the book totally hard to read, I just cannot understand how a guy can be that … blur about his surroundings and still can be a movie director. The book went a little too long, in my opinion, and I got bored. In the end, this book features a clueless guy, written by authors who really want this book to be awesome and fun, then flops it by flogging it to death. If a movie is like that, I will be switching it off in like 10 minutes..


My first DNF, it was really painful. I did skip to the ending to know how it went… even that was cringe- worthy

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