Thin Lizzy Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Thin Lizzy Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer


Against my better judgement, numerous bad reviews and gut instinct. I mean, there are a lot of reviews about these electric centrifuging devices that does not actually work very well. So if you are a thinking about buying this, would be great to read it.

I think the original is this one: Original Stylepro, but even that had pretty lousy reviews. Because it was on special at work, coupled with my staff discount, The Thin Lizzy Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dry was AUD $38.

If you had read the reviews, these were like USD 70 or $80 before. For me, AUD $38 was a hell of a good deal for a known make up brand here in Australia.

The Unboxing of Thin Lizzy


This has a bowl to put your brush cleaning solution in, the centrifuge device on the top left. The holders are at the bottom, and the odd suction cup is mainly for their brushes.

All in all, a simple set up.

The main complaint for most of these products are the fact that the motors are not very strong.

How it Works

I am assuming that you can click on the picture to watch the video of how it cleans the brush.


but if the brush is too heavy


And the after party



To be honest, my brush aren’t dry enough to use. Plus I had to push them back into shape after. The bristles are wide open, but the water is not dripping own. This probably is good because the glue won’t dissolve too quickly.

A lot of bloggers commented that it does not clean very well if the solution is weak. Hence, this is just one part of the tools to clean your make up brushes.

So, for the money I paid for, and my expectations, it ain’t all bad. For starters, I have managed to clean about 10 brushes, I used the instruction’s suggestions: Dish cleaner and then a face cleanser. Totally won’t recommend this at all unless you think you need it, or you are crazy like I do.


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