TianQi B-Key Moisture Lock Facial Review

My TianQi B-Key Moisture Lock Facial Review

My review, my face

Yes, you have seen the product before, on Princess Brat’s Review, on this really awesome mask. This product is meant for her after all, even though this is mainly a beauty product. B-Key means Beauty- Key, and the main function of this mask is to replenish hydration into the skin, quickly and effectively.

Hence, if you are sick of having dry skin, you should definitely try this. The mask is a set of two bottles: a speedy mask gel and a spray.

The ingredients and directions can be found in the shop, here. I am helping my cousin, who is a distributor in Malaysia. So I will not profiting from this.

How To Use

Firstly, start with a clean face. The mask has tiny gold particles, as well as herbal extracts and I want to make sure that there is nothing stopping all the goodness from getting into my skin. I did exfoliate, and then layer the first layer on.


You really need to put on more than what I did here, but I do a thin layer twice as directed. Yes, I am saving it for my Precious Princess Brat. Her skin is terrible, and this is my go- to item as it is steroid free.

If only it is a quick and easy product.

After waiting for around fifteen minutes, spray the moisture spray and wait for around a minute. If you have a lot of the gel on your face, do it before it dries out completely. Spraying the water on sets the gel and it will turn into this peel of mask. Once it dries you can just peel it off.

As for me, the gel had dried and flaked before then, so I just used a clean towel and wiped it off. It would have been nice to be able to peel it off, but it still works well. I asked my cousin, he told me that if the skin absorbs all the moisture from the gel, the layer would not form.

There is nothing wrong with not having a peel off mask.


As you can see (I hope you can see) that my skin has improved. Just a better level of hydration, and the effect on my skin is touchable. This is just after one use, and the photo has not been photo-shopped, I am hopeless with those things.

Definitely a proud moment. If you want, the giveaway is less than 2 days now. This is an international giveaway, shipping included.

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