Tiger’s Curse Series Review

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Tiger’s Curse Series Review

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Author: Colleen Houck
Genre: Fantasy/ YA/ mythology/ Adventure

First Book: Tiger’s Curse

My mom introduced me to the Tiger’s Curse series around 2016- 2017, the last book only came out in March, so I had to reread all the books to reacquaint myself with the story and characters in the book. Honestly, I didn’t know that there will be 5 books and a novella. Well, by the end of book 4, I was pretty much convinced that it was the end. So why did the author have 5 books? To milk the tigers to death perhaps?

In Tiger’s Curse, the story starts with American girl Kelsey Hayes. Kelsey was working at a circus where she met a rare white tiger. Lo Behold! The Tiger is special. The cover tiger looks very adorable with its blue eyes and somber look. Fortunately, this book was a quick paced intro to the world and characters.

I bet you can guess the background story of the book. However, the romance part is predictable yet sweet. I enjoyed the poems and the flirting a lot. The story starts way before you meet Kelsey, an important scene in the book.


Kelsey Hayes, the heroine of the story. Somehow also known as the Chosen one or the Favorite of Durga. Whatever, she’s feisty and emotional. Some odd reason, she does not really have close friends, but she’s a nice girl in the book. Kelsey’s actions are usually dictated by her fear and the past.

Dhiren: actual name is Alagan Dhiran Rajaram. He is the White Tiger. He is 350 years old, give or take a few years.

Kishan: actual name is Sohan Kishan Rajaram. Not sure why they prefer their middle names, but in the book it is usually Kishan. He is the black tiger in the story. Kishan is a pretty complicated character to suss out. If you are a Vampire Diaries reader, he’s the Damon to Dhiren’s Stefan.

*cue eye roll*

Kadam: He was the advisor to their parents, so Kadam is much older than the two tigers. He wears a special amulet to slow down the aging process, so he could aid in the story. Kadam is an integral character in the story, because he makes things happen =D

Lokesh: the creepy and evil enemy who is older than any of the characters.

Story in Series

Tiger’s Curse series is simple: break the curse quest! This is an object finding quest: 4 sets of challenges but 5 sacrifices. The story is not convoluted, it is just tedious as the group tries to break the curse. At the same time, Lokesh the evil bad guy is trying to get more power via the amulet of Damon.

No, there is only one story line, both a related. This series also features a headache love triangle that really makes you wonder if these people think straight at all. First of all, the boys/ men are like 350 years old, loving a 18 year old girl. Even though the tigers are stuck in their early twenties….

The Odd One Out

Tiger’s Dream is not only the last book, it is also the odd one out. The cover is correct, if you think the artist had messed up, no. The girl behind is Durga, she has 8 limbs. So having 2 pairs of hands in the cover isn’t out of the ordinary. The guy at the front though, is Kishan. This is the story about Kishan and Durga.

I absolutely hate this book because I don’t think it should be written in this way. Tiger’s Dream shows the readers what happened after book 4. While the banter and the fights are fun, the story was destroying all the work and magic since the first book. It would have been nice if the author had went on a different type of story.

The most appeared theme in Tiger’s Dream: erased memories. Every 2- 3 chapters features the “signature move” and it was exhausting. Imagine playing a game all the way here, to find out that someone was giving you shortcuts…



Read books 1-4, Tiger’s Promise is the novella that is semi- related to the story if you want to. Try to avoid reading book 5 unless you want the magic broken. It felt like being pushed down a ravine towards the end. All that beautiful poems and sacrifices….

*memory erased, clearing cache* please try again

Abort/ Retry/ Ignore

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