Tony Moly Master Lab Snail Mucin Mask

Tony Moly Master Lab Snail Mucin Mask

I got this one from SaSa while I was back in Malaysia. Made in Korea, by Tony Moly, which is a big name in Asia over all. This is their Master Lab series, and it is snail mucin, my favorite slime for my face. I have a lot of different brands before, even one with gold. Mostly snail slime mask is a good choice, particularly because Korea raises snails in a sterile environment. For anti- aging though, Syn- nake (synthetic snake venom) is still my top pick.


It has interesting stuffs aside from snail slime, notable ones include ginger and grapefruit. The list states that it has 100ppm of snail secretion filtrate, and I should pay more attention to other brands about it. Anyway, its mask has a special tech that keeps the solution on the mask, which is pretty impressive.

Interestingly, the website says that it has caviar and vitamin C, but it is not listed on the ingredients list on the pack anywhere.


Easy to use on a clean face. Apply the face mask onto clean face, leave on for at most 30 minutes. I do leave mine on a little longer, it’s not recommended because the belief is that the mask starts sucking moisture out from your skin ater that. But no prove either or, why waste a good mask right?

This is truly a before photo, I was gaming when I wanted to try the Master Lab mask, because it says “Skin damage care”. So up close, I do look pretty bad, with the computer/ blue light shining makes the redness even more prominent. Amazing how different light angles can change how I look, then again my phone camera is lousy.

In front of the Pc again, to be fair

You can see the redness on my eyes, as the mask misses that spot. I can safely say that I haven’t done anything to the photos. You have to admit that it does pretty good job, which is worth the extra few dollars for this Master Lab series. There are different price ranges in Tony Moly’s mask series, and if you have skin damage, probably worth trying.


Totally recommend to find this series and try. I can’t find it on Amazon, which is sad because it would have been cool.


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