TOYO Cure Natural Aqua Gel: Skin Exfoliator

TOYO Cure Natural Aqua Gel, Skin Exfoliator

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Toyo Cure, from Japan

While this is not the cheapest product (the Tsiao Bamboo liquid takes the prize on that one), the main reason why I picked this Toyo Cure is because it has the best reviews. Oh, pump bottle is 250g, compared to just 100g of Tsiao. I did pay Aud $44 for this bottle, which is still less expensive then Dermalogica’s Microfoliant. As you may recall, I did also use other exfoliating options. Bare Mineral’s exfoliating powder, and the Apple peel gel I got from Taiwan.

So what made me try out this brand, actually the question should be why did I spent so much time and effort on this bottle of gel. Let’s face it, the skin care market is saturated and this gel is no different than the other ones I have tried (specifically the Asian market).

Mainly because I was intrigued, partly because my husband wanted to try it.

How To Use

Similar to all skin care routines, this is a once or twice weekly exfoliating routine. You just cleanse your face, and exfoliate skin with just a few pumps of this product. I guess the most amazing thing about this Cure exfoliate, it’s ingredient. The list is just activated hydrogen water. I have no idea what that means, but it also has polymers, glycerin and aloe vera and ginkgo extract. The website also lists rosemary extract, butylene glycol and isopropyl alcohol. Full ingredients in their English website here.

When I first tried it, I could understand why this became a hot item. When your skin becomes rough and peels off tiny little balls of dead cells, it is easy to convince yourself that this works. Contrary to those bead- type exfoliates, gel ones do somehow lift the dead cells upwards. A quick rinse and you won’t even know what had happened. A few months down the track, with regular routine, you can really tell the difference.

I have been using this with hubby for a while now. And he is amazed, while I remain impartial to this brand.

Why, Isn’t it Amazing?!

Mainly because of the cost. While Cure uses activated hydrogen water, I find that as long as it is a gentle enough exfoliating agent, it actually does not matter. For the price, I would prefer to go back to glycolic or lactic acid based. I have actually shifted to chemical peel, because all that scratching by the bead isn’t going to help my skin in the long term. If you do have sensitive skin, this might be worth a try? Not really sure how weak/ strong is activated hydrogen is.

Plus, it is not 100% natural, I know that some people prefers an all natural option, this is not one of them unfortunately.


It is a great product, because it does work well. The website does say that ideally you have to finish this in 6 months after opening, $44 for 6 months is actually quite reasonable in terms of value. But it is a quite a task to obtain this bottle at a good price, so we’ll see if I come back to it.

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