Training Update with Mi Band 4

Training Update with Mi Band 4

After training a few weeks with the Mid Band 4, I found a third party app is better at tracking what I need than the Mi Fit app. At the moment, I am using Notify & Fitness for Mi band, mainly it has a lot more details on my exercise sessions compared to the Mi Fit.

For example:

The Mi Fit app doesn’t have much in terms of data, sure it tells you steps and heart rate. But training data is sorely lacking in this field. Even the calories you burn during exercise is not a part of the app. I got the 3rd party app for its timer interval function, eventually I use the other functions of the app as well.

Some images from the app, I do have to pay to get the extra timer interval function. Overall, I am happy with Notify & Fitness, although it is not perfect.

You can select which training or workout that you are doing, and then rename the title after syncing. As you can see from the screenshots, you get nice data. I focus on heart rates, and blues are where I like them to be during training. When you move to a different range of heart rate, the color changes.

Then you see the calories burned during training, it is more accurate (slightly) if you choose the right workout. I usually pick generic as I cycle along a few exercises. But say if you will be doing elliptical, you can just pick that mode.

The Mi Band 4 is great low budget fitness tracker

I did say that I paid AUD 56 for the tracker, and then another $4 for the app. Overall, I spend $60 for something that can help me get better at training. It is easier to know how hard I can push myself, and what more my body can do in terms of cardio sessions. I feel that it is a more accurate representation of my fitness level.

If you are just going for the steps, a lot of tests show that the humble pedometer is still the most accurate of all. You do not really need a fitness tracker, but it can enhance your training sessions if you can access the information that you need. So I do highly recommend this tracker, it is inexpensive and not very hard to use.

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