Traitors Gate may be fiction, but heist and history is a great combo

Traitors Gate has history and a nail biting heist

I got Traitors Gate via Netgalley, one of the lucky people who got to read this amazing heist/ thriller book by Jeffrery Archer. The only problem is that it is part of the William Warwick series, and I have dove right into the thick of it without knowing this. I will try to review this fairly since I know little about the series.

The Amazon’s Cover

Right off the bat, it is noticeable that I have large knowledge gaps. There is beef between the bad guy Miles Faulkner and the good guy William Warwick. The start catches my attention: the routine of extracting the priceless crown jewels and how the Tower’s defense has been tight since Colonel Blood.

Building up to the 24 hours

Traitors Gate may be about the 24 hours, but the buildup of resentment and careful planning is part of Jeffrey Archer’s skill to draw readers deeper into the story, as if you are the unconscious accomplice to Miles Faulkner’s devious plan to ruin his nemesis.

Of course, who in the right mind would risk that much for revenge? You may ask, but if you have been following the series (unlike me), you know Miles. The fire that lit the fuse? A painting from previous titles in the series. A masterful hint and tie in to make you return to William Warwick’s books in search of answers.

The Foreshadowing

Nothing about planning is fun, but Jeffrey Archer is using kids! Artemisia, Peter, and Jojo are the three school kids tasked to educate you and me about the one time Colonel Blood stole the Jewels. With both stories centered on The Tower, it is easy to see the intention.

While we know the evil plans from start to finish, it is still nail biting to watch the bad guys carry out their plans. Much like watching Tom Cruise zip down from the ceiling in Mission Impossible, you wonder if they can pull it off or not.

The Chase is just as fun

Once the mice are ahead, time for the cats to give chase. William Warwick is the hero of the story, and it is not only in the way he leads. You can see that he has trust in his team, from Ross to Rebecca. Everyone knows the risk of losing the most important thing in the country. Rather than making one person look good, it is an acknowledgment of having a good team and recognizing effort.


I would have stopped at this is Jeffrey Archer and expected you to read this. Because the man knows how to pull off a heist in 24 hours. He is like a conductor who plays his chess pieces to make a beautiful concert, not wasting each move in the book towards the (non)explosive ending.

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