Transformed : POTUS: A Quirky Romantic Thriller Review

Transformed : POTUS @ Post- Trump Era

Transformed: POTUS
Authors Suzanne Falter, Jack Harvey
Series: Transformed #3
Genre: Romance, Adult, Thriller
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From Transformed : Paris (Goodreads review here), Charley MacElroy and his partner Electra has since moved onto other assignments. A gentle reminder, Charley is a trans-man, while Electra used be a dominatrix known as The Society Dom. I did not have the pleasure of reading the first book : San Francisco. Thankfully, that did little to sway my liking to the pair. In this new installment, the couple have to spend time apart, as Charley is being called into a job, while Electra has to complete her training.


For POTUS, the authors have (un)kindly given us a new nightmare: a President who is worse than Trump, fictionally of course. Although I pray that it remains a fiction. So our POTUS is a juvenile who still lives with his mom, has a problem with his sexual appetite and a disregard for other people. Yes, he is really a nightmare in the making, but hey he got elected somehow into the job.

What are you thinking, you fictional people?

Even from the start, I was feeling really bad for our star couple, they are really working hard to be in a relationship. Things are not looking up at all, with job stress and being apart in general. Charley’s babysitting job was getting harder and harder, as the boss somehow missed the memo that he is the most important man in the country. The guy is vexing, a mommy’s boy with authority issues.


Aside from the guy, whom I would very much liked to punch, there are a few side characters that made the story what it is. No, not our power couple, they are important, but without our harem this story would not have come alive. One of those characters, is Charley’s ex.

Say what? Everything that happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas! Oh, I may have forgotten that the story happens in Vegas… but it’s the main reason why all the loonies are running amok in Transformed. While the pace speeds and slows, I like how the story just flips to a different character when the story starts to slow down.

While there are not explicit sex scenes, the themes of the story is not suitable for younger readers. Transformed is not one of those feel good stories, it is quite violent and gritty, and very funny. There are parts that makes me laugh, even though poor Charley is not having a good time. I sympathize, but it is not my fault for laughing.


Transformed: Potus is a witty and funny story, featuring a power couple and a juvenile leader of a country. Let's hope it does not become a reality. You have been warned. Share on X

If I have to say, the take home message is that people should be more careful who they vote for. In this democratic setting, our choices can have dire consequences. The humor does not disguise the fact that the supposed head of state should have been a better man, or a better leader. A hidden message y’all!

Overall, this is hilariously quirky, with a dash of spice. Transformed: POTUS is also more romantic that the previous book, and I wish to the authors to give them a happy ending. They certainly deserved it. For those who are interested, book one is 0.99 cents.

It is very good idea to start from there, as it will make some parts of the story clearer.

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