Tress of the Emerald Sea has colorful sea and spores that drown, adventure awaits!

Because I got Tress of the Emerald Sea via Kickstarter, I got some pretty nice images to go with my book. This is a nice wallpaper of how Tress’ world looks like, illustrated by Howard Lyon. The cover is more green and gold, still quite pretty. You have Tress and her cups, the little flowers representing the spores and the land and dangers.

Summary of sorts

Tress always dreamed about the outside world, but it is dangerous to leave. The sea of spores, when come in contact with water, will grow. And what us humans have in us? Water.

The land is unforgiving, there’s a storm (with water) that’s unpredictable, hence no one really ventures out of their comfort zone unless they really have to. When Tress’ friend and son of a lord, Charlie disappears, she panics and…

Goes out to find him.

Mind you, she doesn’t actually understand love, neither does she have time to think about it. Tress isn’t rich enough to have the luxury of experiencing notions of love. But she knows friendship, and leaving friends behind isn’t something friends do.

Tress of the Emerald Sea is because Tress lives on and island where the spores are green, and she is going to a place where the spores are midnight black.

The Adventure

Going on and adventure with Tress is fun for many reasons: the world is just so different! The colors are romantic until you realize that they can kill you if you not careful, and everything in the world is not friendly. Yet, you have a girl who is full of hope.

And the people helping her? Pirates, of course! Who else would be mad enough to sail the seas and pillage the leftovers? Tress made friends, but notably someone name Hoid and a rat name Huck.

The Verdict

I can go on about the book, but it is best to keep the mystery alive. You have this young, naive yet determinted girl going to find ‘her friend’. She’s risking everything (even her precious teacups, mind you).

We all know there will be a happy ending, but the journey towards it is so satisfying and fun. Kind of brings back the joy of imagination for an oldie like me, you know, when you thought you have read every ideas…

But I’m a Brandon Sanderson fan, so I might be biased with my judgement. Ain’t a bad read at least.

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