Tried: Chicken McNuggets

Making McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets At Home | But Better by:

This is a review of Chicken McNugget recipe! I love following Joshua Weissman, so I am linking the video from YouTube here with my review. He is quite a character, and in his But Better series, he makes junk food yummier at home.

Disclaimer: it is yummier, but it is not healthier. 

So these are McDonald’s Chicken, probably there is a difference between the Australian and the American version, but they are damn good. The left one is his, while the flatter one is

This is not a quick recipe either, be warned.

What does the kid say?

Prince Brat loves nuggets. He ate half a dozen or more, and since he does not eat much else. I used chicken breast for the recipe, because I have leftovers. Thighs work just as well, most Asian recipes use it. Most recipes use either or, but not chicken mince. Since chicken mince does not have a list of what’s inside, I guess that’s why chefs don’t like using it.

The Chicken McNugget has 2 parts:

The flour part and the tempura part, they differ from most other recipes. Deep frying is a must, so don’t think about air-frying these.

How I made it

I marinade the chicken an hour; I did not pass it through the grinder before. I hand chop them for better texture. I also use the MSG as well, which I agree that it improves the taste a lot.

After that, I follow the rest of the recipe. I do a twice fry; I think it’s an Asian thing to do twice fry. First you fry to cook the nugget, then you increase the temperature to fry until it is beautiful and golden brown.


It is so good, Prince Brat ate them all, and I had only one. The tempura batter crisps up, but and the flour keeps the meat moist inside. When you bite into it, the outer skin crunches. Then you reach the meat, there is a burst of flavor from the dry brine.

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