Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

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First of all, I have 3 bottles of Micellar water of various brands sitting the cupboard waiting to be used, so why did I buy this? Just so you know, this Trilogy cleansing balm is not cheap! At 80ml, this box can cost from AUD 28 to AUD 38.95 RRP. I got it at half price, planogram issues.

Great Reviews

Mainly for the great reviews that I have been giving/ getting on Trilogy’s range. This brand is made in New Zealand, featuring a lot of sustainable ingredients that is also organic. They are certified as Natural Cosmetics, and Non GMO. A lot of people (I do mean you) are more environmentally conscious so I thought I should at least review this.

It is great stuff

this is before

Well… I made a mistake, the instructions say: 1/4 teaspoon. That hole right there is definitely more than 1/4 teaspoon. This is the before photo, where I attempt to use this before I hop into the shower.

The balm contains mango butter, rosehip and coconut oil, as main. Other ingredients include chamomile, perfume (I don’t know why either), and some other oils. So this Trilogy comes out solid and thick until it starts melting on the face. As you know, that massive amount had created a sticky and oily mess on my face. The Balm is strictly a less is more situation.

What happens when you use too much?


It does not clean that well.

Great for Dry Skin

The main problem with dry skin is the lack of oil to lock in moisture when you wash your face, at least for me. With this one, you can see that my face retains some moisture (and eye liner >.<). We shall ignore the poor cleanse on the eye, because after this review I tried a few more times and it was okay.

As a solid product, this is not bad for travelling. Think places like gym or when you need something that does not spill easily. The cotton wipe is a little rough, I avoid using it but it still works well.

You can use it without makeup, it is still a good cleansing balm. Though I have found that I could get away with a lesser amount, I am still experimenting. So 80ml does go quite a good way if you are careful.

Overall: Yay or Nay?

I am using it at the gym, because I got lazy soaking cotton pads in micellar water. After this finishes, I might go back to that routine. At half price, I accept that is a good bargain, but definitely not paying full price. Look, it’s not that this is not worth buying, it is that money is pretty hard to earn.

The value of this product is not $40, if it was $25 rrp I might actually consider using it all the time. Though, if you have dry and sensitive skin, this might be a helpful product to have. It does not dry out (because it does not have soap) and it does remove waterproof mascara quite well.

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