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Trilogy Cream Haul!

I got these really cheap! More than half the price of the recommended price, so I am kinda chuffed at the moment with myself. This one, as you can see, is from Target at $25 each. I did buy it together with the Trilogy Age Proof Cleanser and the Ultra Hydrating day cream. Since I already reviewed the cleanser I am just going to review both creams in this post.

IMG_20180407_001600482Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream

It contains Rosapene, which is their patented ingredient that is made out of rosehip oil and tomato seed oil. The cream mainly has sweet almond oil, coupled with manuka honey and evening primrose oil. So many interesting plant oils aside, it also has alcohol and perfume. I guess perfume might be an issue to some. With the alcohol, I think it is more to marry into the water to create a luxurious cream, rather than an oily combination of sorts.

The end product is something that is slightly thinner than what you expect from a cream, but you know that this is a cream 100%. Applying it is easy, and with the dehydrated skin you can really feel your skin feeling less tight. With the recent weather change, I can tell straightaway after using that it is pretty good for dry skin. It smooths easily, absorbs well enough.

As for lasting comfort, I think so? This not the only hydrating product I use, though may be it does have an add on effect. Though it is not clashing with my other products, I am happy to report that as well. If you see a good deal, do not hesitate to give it a go.

If the perfume is an issue, most stores that sells this would have a tester.

Oh forgot to mention that Trilogy is against animal testing, and is made in New Zealand using non GMO organic products. I don’t really know if they are Vegan friendly, but probably contact them to be sure.

If you like them a lot, you can actually use them day and night. But for now, I am using their night cream. Because my cache box is getting a little bit too full.

Trilogy Age Proof Replenishing Night Cream

Here is Princess Brat unboxing my stuff, she has this instinct of a beauty girl, so proud

The night cream has a blend nourishing bio-actives, from co-enzyme Q10, Glycablend™ to strawberry seed and chia seed oil. This really thick cream comes with a spatula. Trilogy says that it will help with skin regeneration, improve elasticity and suppleness. It can also smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Well, I see the word hyaluronic acid and I think hydrating.

The general direction is apply at night to face and décolletage. I find that this cream is really oily if you out too much on, so be more careful with the quantity when you scoop it out. I guess that is why they gave you the spatula. At the moment, this might not be my pick if you have oily skin. While the day cream is fine, this night cream feels really thick and oily at the start.

It does settle/ absorb after a few minutes but the start it feels quite uncomfortable for me.

Not really my pick of the day for a face cream.

I think the kid likes it because her skin is a lot drier than mine, and she thinks she could benefit a lot more from it. Not that I give this to her, because this too, has perfume and alcohol. I am just not ready to risk it after all the work I did to get her skin back in normal mode.

But hey, at least she knows what to look for in a face cream when she grows up


Here is a very important reminder, from this really trendy/ famous make up artist Wayne Goss. His channel is here and feel free to visit his Youtube for more helpful tips and tricks on beauty. But since we are at the topic of beauty, I think this is really good advice, especially when skin cancer is on the rise.

We also would like to avoid looking old in the future right? Please watch =D

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