Under Ground

Under Ground

Author: Steven Streeter
Genre: Sci- fi, horror
Series: Underground #11
Publication date ‏: ‎ November 12, 2021
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A Little about Under Ground

It started out with a kiss; how did it end up like this? Shawn’s night goes from bad to worst in less than ten minutes. The basis of the book is a hero’s journey, and being a hero means Shawn jumps right back into danger. Shawn is a reluctant hero, but he does it for Madison, his best friend/ love interest who had just turned him down moments before his world come crashing down.


The main character is Shawn, the story is in 3rd person point of view. He is the guy you can trust to have your back, the good guy who never gets the girl.

Madison, the girl who Shawn kissed. The one Shawn busted his ass for. And honestly, I wonder if she is worth it sometimes.

The lizards, villains in the book. They are the reason this book is a horror story.

… the tallest and the only with a bright red head—held its three-fingered hand up, the green scales catching the light from the torches as though covered in moisture of some sort. It opened the snout of its monitor lizard head, revealing rows of thin, alligator-like teeth…

The last character is also part of the denizens of Under Ground, also does not sound very cute and cuddly.

Round yet triangular head with a wide, flat, dark nose. Over-sized round eyes. Smallish mouth. Fur covered his body, with the hair on his head a little thinner than anywhere else. Large ears sticking out from the side of the head. The body was thin, the arms long like an ape, the legs and hands almost human.


While the first thing normal people do is running to safety, Shawn chooses to Madison, because she is important to him. One thing leads to another, and the pair finds themselves in the most surreal situation. As someone who actually lives in Adelaide (close to where this fictional place is), I will be paranoid when a sinkhole appears now.

Under Ground is a quick read with simple goals: to stay alive, to save his friends, and hopefully to save the world.


This is my one, and only Halloween read. Creepy setting, check. Scary Creatures, check. Scary moments, plenty.

Yes, definitely a good horror that you should not be reading near a dark hole.

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