Update on the Iron Druid

Update on the Iron Druid

Since my last post on Hounded, I have been diligently following Atticus and his misadventures.


I am six books in for the Iron Druid series~ Whoo hoo! Hounded is not in the picture, I figured I will review all 5 books in this post. Mainly because these are not new books, and it still features that hot guy. I guess all that running would make you quite fit. Barnes and Noble has the first 3 books in a set here. Or else you could get the books individually, like me, from the library. This is painstaking process, because this has to be read in order.

Atticus the Iron Druid

He’s the one featured in most of the cover, Trapped is special because it features his apprentice Granuaile. I kinda wished that Oberon the dog has an appearance, who knows maybe later right? I have three more books to go. After Hounded, Atticus was Hexed by a bunch of witches. Soon after solving that problem, he was Hammered by Thor when he tried to pick a fight with the Thunder God. There is more to the story than that, but you would have to read along.

When he thought the coasts is clear, it was certain that Atticus had been Tricked by someone he trusted, and had to go on the run. Well, I love this book in the Iron Druid series the most. Atticus is fighting more than just demons, he was fighting his feelings for his apprentice. His conversations with Oberon is kinda funny, plus Tricked is with the Coyote, so I enjoyed learning that culture. Soon he and his apprentice were Trapped, during a very special time. After a lot of running and escaping, the trio ( Oberon is part of the trinity) find themselves Hunted by certain Goddesses.

So now you see why reading in order is important.

Never A Dull Moment

I think, part of my attraction to him and his story is the multiverse. Not like Marvel and DC, but the belief that Earth Plane is tethered with Yggdrasil and other planes. If there is a Giant Tree somewhere on earth that links to the Heavens, I think I would believe this most. The Author has given me some really fun adventures and stories, even though he got some of the Chinese ones wrong. Can’t blame him though, I think it’s poetic license, plus they are not really strictly real.

In most parts, I could read the passion in the author. He seems to be very invested in this guy, but actually I think he is trying to pass the message the Earth is important. Druidry is a great/ convenient practice that reminds us that Earth still protects us, and we do need to protect her back. Even with all the arrow dodging, demon slashing, Atticus always find time to connect to the earth. Somehow I don’t think it is because he had to. The sentiment is clear in Hunted, as explained by his apprentice Granuaile, love is in the air.

Should you read it?

Definitely if you are a fan of cultural myths. I do not see a world building in this calibre, most of the Western myths are follow the general path. Eastern myths though, my guess is something must be lost in translation somewhere. I was educated in American Indian culture, as well as Russians for some parts. Totally loving the multicultural theme that is in the series. I wonder if the Africans are next?

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Got all the links here for you =D . I believe I have a link that has all 9 books, since this series ended last year.

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