Valentine’s Day with Book Characters

Valentine’s Day with Book Characters

We don’t celebrate Valentin’s Day, by we I mean me and King Brat. If you must know, he thinks that it is commercialism done well. No point arguing with a person with an accounting background, money is all they think about when you mention special days. Although! In his defence, he gets romantic without a warning, just not during “special occasions” like this one. I guess I kinda agree with the whole flowers and dinner thing, I bet some of you guys/ girls find the price hike during just this one day ridiculous as well.

Smack in the middle of Wednesday as well… Bah, with 2 kids it is almost impossible to enjoy the night away.


I am spending it with my book characters, do you have one? I am sure you do.

The Jesse’s

First, there’s Jesse from Bad Neighbor would be my hot and steamy date of the night, he’s a fighter who reeks of bad- assery. Just like mom always say to stay away from guys like him, if he really loves you, he will protect you from everything, even himself. From the book, it is clear that Jesse thinks that he is not worthy of love.

In this mature-rated book, there are proof that this strong man is also a skillful lover.

Suitable date for : girls who like bad boys/ girls who needs to be protected. After you pass the initial scary phase, Jesse would grow on you.

If you are not a fan of bad boys who are rough and tough, how about someone like Jesse Blackwell? He’s from the Great Library series,  you know Ink and Bone, Paper and Fire, and, Ash and Quill? He’s the good guy born in a family of bad guys. Loyal and resourceful to a fault? Same name, but totally different type compared to Bad Neighbor.

Don’t know why people like that name, it is a good name but I guess it’s easier to remember than Bartholomew.

The Best Boy-Friend

stock (no one in particular)

Bring a guy out of friendzone! In Her Book Boyfriend, the guy waits patiently for the girl to notice him. What did she do? Prepare a checklist to get other guys to ask her to prom.

With talent and looks, I am sure that I can imagine a lovely Valentine’s Day date with him. Do remember that I only gave that book two stars, because it was predictable to a fault, but the guy is definitely on my imaginary date’s list. What would we do? Probably some romantic things like walk on the beach, or him writing a song just for me.

Best Date!

My last and best imaginary date of the day:
The Sawyer from Jana Aston’s Right (buy from Amazon). Sawyer is not only good at sex, he is also a sneaky romantic at heart. The whole book mainly talks about how he catches the ever elusive Everly. The sex scenes are so hot it can burn right into your brain. Wildly romantic, anything by Jana Aston can leave you wondering if these man can indeed be real. I can imagine that Sawyer would be preparing something cool like a night in the apartment in the top of Eiffel Tower (it’s a real thing!) or just proposing under Northern lights.

A girl can dream.

Okay, so my best pick is Sawyer. If you have a genie that can grant you a wish, please don’t waste it on imaginary book boyfriends, maybe wish that your real man acts like your imaginary boyfriend once in a while.

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