Villains Never Die by Nick DeWolf

Villains Never Die
Author: Nick DeWolf
Genre: Fiction, heroes and villains, superheroes
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Villains Never Die

Without them, there would be no heroes, would they? I have read Nick DeWolf, Pulling Strings used to be my favourite until this one came along. Villains Never Die is sort of a story that people could find refreshing. It is not your normal good guy versus bad guy fighting it out, more like a good overview of what’s it like being a human being.

Background story

The story starts in an odd place, and introduction by the Villain known as Dr. Dendrite. There is something that happened fifty years ago, and it had devastated the world. Then the story flips to present, where a girl was running away from a horrifying scene.

Then it moves on between Dr. Dendrite, a girl name Candace, Antonella Garcia. I get introduced to Captain Turbo, Lux and Ironsides: the Justice Brigade.  Slowly the story evolves between fighting evil, what happened in the past while moving forward with the fear. With Candace being the girl who is always terrified.


Aside from the heroes and villains (who are old, by the way), Antonella is part of a new team of superheroes. She has a secret that no one knows about, aside from being a superhero of course. Candace is like your weird one out, the terrified human girl who ends up in the wrong end of business from the start. You also have Antonella’s crazy boss and two other partners, which are supposed to be the good guys.


I think the best part about the story is the whole shebang about people are not always 100% good or bad. Dr. Dendrite sometimes butts in and tells his history, part of how Triad of Evil and Justice Brigade came to be. But Villains Never Die is much more than a guy becoming bad and trying to destroy the world, it is about morally and how a person’s hunger can twist into something else. This is not as dark as Pulling Strings, but it is more sobering I guess.

Trust me, you would not be vouching for the heroes in this book.


Villains Never Die is special, not because it is funny and has loads of twists. For an adult reader, this is realistic: humans have flaws. Even superheroes make lousy decisions, while no evil person is truly that bad that world must be destroyed. It is hard to rule a world with no one in it, right?

The ending may shock, but it is so fun!

Nick DeWolf's Villains Never Die shows that Villains will never really become an extinct species. Great for superhero fiction fans with a twist, no kryptonites involved. Share on X

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