Violet Blood Review : book 4 of Murder in Savannah

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Violet Blood
Author: Lindsay Marie Miller
Series: Murder in Savannah Book 4
Genre: mystery, romance
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Violet Blood : The Finale

Picking up where Pearl White left off, Addie and Tom are back. Saddled with the necklace that has been strangely haunting them since Emerald Green, the duo tries yet again to leave it all behind. It should have been an easy thing right? I lose jewelry all the time, and yet these two cant seem to get rid of a treasured heirloom.

Maybe it really is a haunted piece? Not only that, their villain seems to be invincible, at least in the eyes of the law. Time and time again, Addie traumatized by a bad guy who appears anytime he likes. Sort of like a magician, specializing in nightmares.


The good thing is, characters in Violet Blood stay the same few. It is great to not having to know too many new faces, and easier to remember who is who. Secrets no longer stay that way, as Addie becomes near hysterical with the events that are happening. Can’t really blame her, but that girl needs a serious dose of chill pill.

Tom, on the other hand, can do no wrong I think. Serious hero complex, all in the name of love. If he wasn’t so likable I would have scoffed. But he’s the counterbalance of Addie’s temperament, tying up the story a lot better. The rest of the family watch on with jealousy as he showers his wife with love and affection.

Could be that is why Addie is always in trouble, probably the Gods are trying to get her back for stealing the ideal man.

Finale : Violet Blood delivers

Oh, the joy when I found out the truth. A book that didn’t try to take short cut and say ” Its magic!” I would have screamed and gave a lousy review if it was. 4 books later, I am a happy person because the author didn’t go: “ahh it’s a magic necklace! that’s why it grew legs and followed you everywhere.”

What I have read, is the kind of ending that I don’t mind reading. It’s not fireworks level ending with all the bangs and whistles. Violet Blood offers a more happy drift into the sunset, holding hands and wondering where life takes next. For Murder in Savannah, I think Tom and Addie deserve to have at least a great quiet ending.


Now that it is a complete set, why not right?


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