The Walking Land Book Review


The Waking Land

Author: Callie Bates
Genre: YA, Fantasy, coming of age
Series: book 1 of the series
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The Waking Land Cover

Personally, I like this cover that I have when I borrowed Waking Land from my library. Compared to this:

You just can’t tell much about the story when you have a cover like that. I think my biggest issue is that the cover of the green girl is wrong. It is a complex story about betrayal, friendship and a person’s will to live.


Mainly it is Lady Elanna Valtai, daughter of a disgraced Lord of Caeris, who tried to commit treason. Living in the court of Antoine Eyrlai, the King of Eren, Elnna was brought up believing that her homeland’s words were lies.

Princess Loyce, the main antagonist who hates Elanna’s guts. She has an admirer name Denis, who is as cruel as she is.


When the King of Eren dies due to poisoning, the finger points at the most likely culprit, Lady Elanna. But she does not have a motive to do so, plus the reader sees from her point of view, so someone must have tried to frame her.

That much is sure, but I am pretty sure that it wasn’t a mystery to anyone. The main story and plot is how Lady Elanna gets in touch with her history and family. Elanna and the reader knows more about herself and her history. It is not only a coming of age book, but more of a finding your identity book. In Waking Land, it is like trying to find your place in the world.


Book 1 is good, a little wobbly on the delivery. Lady Elanna’s journey is not only her own, but she does symbolise every young person’s quest in life: finding identity and accepting it. Let’s just hope book 2 is better.

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