War Storm: The Red Queen Series

The Red Queen Series

Author: Victoria Aveyard
Series: The Red Queen
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Tiny Rant

The Final book for the series, War Storm, came out in 2018, but I finally finish it just a few weeks back. The pharmacy I am working at is part of the Astra Zeneca Covid Vaccine provider, so things have been hectic at my end. There is no end to the Delta variant, or this cycle of open-shut-them. While I do not regret working in health care, people have to realize that their actions impact on other people’s health.

To quote my state’s Health Minister, Prof. Nicola Spurrier:

The Virus has no legs, stay put

Little Reminder about Red Queen

It has been awhile since the first book, The Red Queen. I have read it and the other books, but I have not reviewed them. Therefore, I am doing a complete set review instead of doing one by one. Story is in a dystopian/ fantasy world where there are 2 different blood types: silver and red. Silver bloods are the ones ruling the country/ world, while the red bloods are subservient.

The Silvers are “superior” because they have superhuman abilities. They usually are born with an ability. Some control metals, the scariest controls minds. The Reds are deemed powerless and are the cannon fodder for Silver Wars. The story focuses on Mare Barrow, from the Stilts.: poorest family in the poorest place in the land. Mare has three older brothers, Bree, Tramy, and Shade, and a younger sister Gisa.

Mare tries to sneak into the elite Silver’s compound for money, in order to buy passage to safety for her best friend Kilorn Warren. One thing leads to another, and she discovers she has an ability too!

Story Moves on

From the Red Queen, the series moves on to Glass Sword

The book continues with Mare finding out that she is not the only Red Blood with abilities. As she escapes the confines of the palace and Maven, her supposed fiance. The book focuses on Mare’s time with Red Bloods, as well as the impending wrath of the King of

In King’s Cage, there are 3 point of views: Mare, Cameron and Evangeline Samos. It is good to have the view of the enemy, or it would have been on sided. To be honest, I think the author can combine the two and cut off a lot of slow-moving parts. Sure, it might still be thick enough to kill someone with, but it will be less of a drag.

In both these books, Mare still struggles with herself. Mainly her duty to the people who share the color of the blood, and her love for Calore, the enemy with Silver blood. My biggest issue is that this is going where I expect it to go. Also if you notice, the covers all have a crown, but the color of blood changes. This is a foretelling in the book.

Which brings us to the last book.

War Storm Review

In War Storm’s cover, you can see that there are more Silver Blood than Red, signaling a change in dynamics. Do I like this book? I still say that it can do with a lot of culling, too many redundancies. I bet Mare gets sick of repeating herself so often, but I guess it gets the word count up.

Will the love between Mare and Cal prevail over all the bad blood between Silver and Red? Perhaps it is their sense of duty that will ultimately be the barrier to true love. Maybe they can be, as the Chinese saying goes, lovers in death.

That is the question when it comes to love between races and culture. Even though it holds true, but sometimes I wish something else is in the way, perhaps the air they breathe. And why do we have to wait so long for some issues to solve? I do not get it, I want to enjoy a lot more of happy ending, and a lot less of fighting.


It was too slow, like watching Naruto Anime slow. The manga was fine, but the anime had too much filler stories. The concept was good. These obstacle-course loves are always good to read. But I don’t know, I think you have to like the tedium to read all 4 books at one go. There is no way you can skip a book, but I guess you can skip parts of the book?

I shall leave that to your discretion.

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