Warcross + Waiting for my Hair to Curl *review*

Warcross and My Hair

My copy of Warcross from Library

I bought those bendy curlers from Kmart, but nowadays you can get them anywhere right? Here, perhaps? These are foam sticks that can bend and twist, and I am doing it for a heatless curly hair. Warcross is a thick book to go through, and I did manage to finish it in 1 sitting. Between that and kids, I just wanted to see if it works?


 Author: Marie Lu
Series: Book 1
Genre: YA, video game, VR,
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Do I really need to review this book? It was a hit in the blogging community when it first came out around September 2017, and I’m reading it like months later. Though I think the cover I have has a better font design than the one from Amazon. There is a lot of information packed on the simplistic cover that is Warcross. First of all, the logo of the game,  a 3D box with a lot of colors and the name WARCROSS. It is pretty cool, suggesting a futuristic outlook.

Then you have the 4 words at the bottom: Player, Hunter, Hacker, Pawn. These 4 words are actually the story progression of sorts in this book. So the whole story is summarised in the first book already!


Emika Chen of course is the infamous character in the whole book. Written in her point of view, it shows her desperation and stubbornness from the first page. You know that she is smart and observant, so why is she in that dire situation? The background story builds on her pain, and we vouch for her as the undergo in the story. But hang on, her desperation propels her into something more, and she becomes the next word: Hunter.

Meeting her idol Hideo Tanaka might be a dream come true, though she was there because of the third word: Hacker. Then the author skillfully incorporates all 4, and make it into the Emika Chen that we are loving right now. Hideo is like a supporter or a guardian angel to her, even though he also needs her to get things done. The plot thickens when Emika digs deeper. Then we get to meet more characters, who are important in the story, but take a backseat in the general story.

Action Packed

In Warcross, majority of the book describes how the game is played. The whole of book 1 is a platform for the story to advance, you can say that plot wise it is not very heavy or quick. Thoroughly enjoyable, I like the red herrings and the situation vs. responses of Emika. She is consistent and shows her resilience time and time again. However, the only thing that I am not very happy about, is the progression of the story.

I wasn’t terribly surprised when I got to the end, as a spectator it was not the total disappointment. Though if the author does a love triangle I might just rage quit and roll my eyes. So far the story has been unpredictable like our heroine, hope it remains that way.

Stab someone maybe?

My Hair After Finishing WarCross

Nicely curled, I did finish the book in a day. This is the product of 3 hours of sitting and reading the book, I’m a quick reader, even at the battle scenes I was glued word for word. I love how the team works, and the details are impressive!

So if you want your very own bendy foam roller. Buy them anywhere. I used 8 to achieve bigger curl. If you want a tighter curl you have to use more roller and less hair per roller. Plus, I did not use any hair products when I did this.

Morning After

2018-01-25_09-06-24 Not bad considering I slept on it, though the other side of my head has lost all of the curls.


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  1. I’ve read her Legend series and they were a lot of fun. I’ll honestly read anything by her but I haven’t got to this one yet. Nice hair curls! I wish I could get nice bouncy curls like that, but mine is already super curly and frizzy. I work to straighten it every day!

    1. well there are some youtube videos online that you can actually pre-straigthen your hair without heat =D
      it’s not the best results but kinda like a prep to make the day easier. I think it’s called hair wrapping …

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