Weleda 24H Hydrating Facial Cream

Weleda 24H Hydrating Facial Cream

Made by Weleda
Made in Germany
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Weleda 24H is a new product range for the Swiss brand with a history of good quality products. I am sure that you have seen many celebrities lauding its Original Skin food but this time I received the facial cream from its new range. This is part of a Beautyheaven Beauty Box Trial.

New Product Line

Weleda 24H Hydrating Facial Cream
Cute white box with a picture and word of Cactus at the bottom. Weleda’s packing is clean, a distinct look to separate from their Skin Food line. The Weleda Sheer Hydration line has facial cream (pic), eye gel, mist and lotion. In Australia, we have the same box, but it is showing 24H hydrating and not Sheer Hydration.

There might be a slight difference in the minor components, but the major ingredients are the same. As far I as can read, the main ones are prickly pear extract and aloe vera. The Australian cream has Babassu oil and Shea Butter, in probably a different percentage.

Using Weleda 24H

If you are familiar with the Skin Food, then the texture is pretty similar.

Though I think this one smooths out a lot quicker, and it absorbs a little quicker. It is Winter/ Spring here, but it has been raining when I test this. We do not have the heater on, so my skin is not as dry.

Yes, it is quite hydrating, and it does last long. I am not sure if it does last 24 hours, but close. The smell is pleasing, more like a light burst of freshness. I cannot really put my finger on it. Weleda is a brand with a loyal customer base throughout the world, no wonder all the products are region specific.

While the Weleda 24H Hydrating Cream is Australian specific, I am sure that their Sheer Hydration range in Amazon has the same quality.


What is there to say? Weleda continuously makes quality products at a reasonable price. I think AUD $28 is not expensive for their brand. First all, a little goes a long way, 30ml can last easily a month..

The cream is pleasant to put on, and it absorbs well. While I have to wait a few minutes before my foundation, but that is the same across all skincare regime anyway. So, yes, look out for this!

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