When Darkness Falls by Ellen Chauvet : Review

When Darkness Falls
Author: Ellen Chauvet
Series: 1st Vampire Redemption Story
Genre: vampire, romance, fantasy
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books
ISBN-13: 978-1942790051

My first DNF 2017

Even when I rated books poorly, I have always finished reading them. It is a sign of respect to the authors, who made every effort to put words down on paper, and courage to publish it. As a book reviewer, I understand the hard work, and would try my best to like the books I read, or at least have an open mind.

Which is why, with sadness, I present to you my first DNF for the year. I am devastated myself, because I had tried to like it. But I have been spoiled with good books, and now I have a lower tolerance to poorly written ones.

Why I didn’t finish

1. The conversations are dull, and it didn’t help me relate to any of the characters, To be honest, if I do not pay attention, the whole thing blurs into a monologue.

2. Too much talking! Even then, the author managed to tell everything rather than show. From “I am sad that you lied to me” to “why you lie to me?”. Well… why can’t Lexie just slap the offending liar for a change?

3. She likes to take short cuts, but waste valuable pages and words explaining things rather than letting readers take a journey with Lexie and Etienne. Dead friend left a puzzle, so vampire just pry out answer using compulsion, problem solved. Where is the excitement of taking readers throughout Paris? I would have loved that, instead all I got was a runaround, because Lexie is on a mission.

4. Predictable plot, story and characters. I know that people say everything under the sun has been written, but trust me, you can do better than recycling the same story again.

5. Nothing in this book is unique, it was as if she picked parts that she liked from books she read and mashed them all together. For example, LJ Smith’s Vampire Diaries uses Vervain to resist compulsion, When Darkness Falls using Verveine to do that. If the eye roll was not enough, at least I know why VD has vervain, in this one, no history whatsover. Anita Blake has Pomme de Sang, this one has Amant de Sang.

The author said that she read a lot of vampire romance books, her work shows exactly that, not in a good way as well.


When Darkness Falls by Ellen Chauvet shows writers why you should read the genre you are writing: so you can avoid it, not redo it. Share on X

If you are looking for a story synopsis or more information, I cannot provide you. I really stopped reading before halfway, because I cannot be bothered reading it. The characters I do not relate, the story I have read a hundred times (give or take) and worse of all, the style is not my type.

Sad as it is, I commend the effort.

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