Sasatinnie Whitening Devil

Sasatinnie Whitening Devil

I got the Whitening Devil more than a few months ago, mainly because of the packaging. Three cute little devils, and it lacks colour like normal facial masks do. It is not expensive, mainly because it is a home brand by Sasa, the store that I frequent when I am back in Malaysia, or in Asia. Sasa is a cosmetic/ beauty store, and it has a lot of variety. Since Adelaide lacks a good choice of beauty products in a brick and mortar store, I do make it a point to visit.

Sure, I can buy it online, and usually it will be cheaper or around the same. But I relish in the hunt, finding something new is quite fun in the age of instant gratification. The Whitening Devil Black Masks comes in a box of 5


Believe it or not, this masks has 6 types powdered gems: Pearl, ruby, diamond, sapphire, tourmaline, nephrite. Apparently they can brighten and improve your skin’s elasticity and make you look younger in general. Honestly, I did not buy this for USD $20, more like RM 30 ( that’s like 1/3 of the price). It does have aloe vera, allantoin and hyaluronic acid. I was intrigued, as not many companies make masks with powdered stones.

More popular nowadays are the nanopepties, like this Dr. Morita Nonapeptide Whitening Essence Facial Mask. Cost is a problem when it comes to making things from semi- precious stones, another is quality and how well it absorbs. Nanopeptides or smaller particles like hyaluronic acid does absorb better because they tend to dissolve in liquids better. Even though this is a Korean made product. This Whitening Devil might sound luxurious, but is it?

Whitening Devil Result

Sasatinnie Whitening Devil is hydrating, yes. I can feel the moisturising effects even after I take it off. The mask is black, as you can see, and it does not have gemstone dusts glittering away (how disappointing). You can still see my forehead lines, never mind the shiny oily look. Hence, it is actually wishful thinking that this devil will work without asking for a piece of your soul every time you put a piece on.

Where was I?

I was busy, my brother’s wedding was last week, and I took both kids back to Malaysia for his wedding. No thanks to the Whitening Devil, I looked really old. Prince Brat though, had a special time on the trip back to Malaysia. Oh yes, that’s the cockpit, and next to him is the First Captain I think, or the assistant pilot.

The brat managed to charm is way there, don’t ask me how.

A photo of the fam, sans bride:

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