Wicked Charming Review

Wicked Charming
Author: Nazarea Andrews
Genre: erotica, adult romance

Wicked Charming is not a fairy tale for kids

I have read a few of Nazarea Andrew’s books before, she does have a good grip in erotica/ BDSM. Andrews is one of the few authors I would not mind reading, the sex is better executed, as well as the tension. She could grab your attention, wield it like a vibrator and make you sigh as the character gets some sexual release. Rinse and repeat.

Make no mistake, Wicked Charming is hardly anyone’s idea of a fairy tale, but the adults would buy it. This story is in the first person point of view of Prince Charming, coincidentally named Samul Charming III (I think it’s III). He is an heir to Charming Pharmaceuticals, and partly owns the club.

Worse of all, that guy was bored. Out of his brains bored. Then someone got him interested, and that someone was Celeste, a bartender. There are a few sex scenes, where Samul tries to make up his mind about Celeste, part of him wants her, part of him tries to reason. The story moves forward, showing the readers how the privileged Prince is trying to be a good son, while trying to be himself.

Wicked Charming is not bad, it has sex and story, albeit a little straightforward. You know the ending, you just want to see how the couple move forward in their relationship. This seems to be part of a series, hinting more to come as the characters are conveniently Hunter, Briar, Beast, Wolf and Mal. I am sure you get it.


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Do not say I did not warn you . Wicked Charming is not for vanilla readers who wants romance and fairy tales. This story is erotic, realistic and matches the characters the author created. This book creates a setting for all the future stories, I cannot wait to see her next installment.

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