Witch Please

Meet the first Fix It Witch in Witch Please

Genre: romance, fictional, fantasy/ witches

Author Ann Aguirre kicks the Fix- It Witches series with Danica Waterhouse, a witch and a partner of Fix- It Witches. Her partner and cousin Clementine, is also a witch. Both of them are technomancers, meaning they have an affinity for electricity and technology. Danica has just had a breakup, and to rub salt to the wound, her ex met a new girl and is getting married! 7 years of wasted time, now her grandmother is at the heels wanting her to be in another relationship with a full-blooded witch.

Titus Winnaker operates a bakery a few blocks down, his sister helps him man the counters. Why the small town? It’s because their mother lived there and she had just recently passed away. The author weaves some of the backstory in between for us to get to know him better with Danica. Almost immediately, he sees Danica and feels like she is the one.

Witch Please paperback

Spells and Smells

If books can provide smells, this book will be full of baked goods. Since Titus is a baker, there are pastries and buns that are apparently to die for. If someone can create a tech that makes book smells like the food, I am sure there will be more readers. But I can only use my imagination. The banter between Danica and Titus can be funny or informative, depending on what mood they are in. Danica knows Titus is interested in her, but he is merely human, while she can fix things with her mind.

Icing on the drama is the fact that her grandmother is against her marrying some normal person, because look at her mother! The poor lady has lost her powers due to disuse. Danica loves her mom and grandmother, but somehow feels disinclined to communicate her thoughts on the matter. Titus seems troubled by her hot and cold demeanor, but he presses on like the inexperienced bloke that he is.

So what is this?

Witch Please is definitely a romance story with a hint of family drama. Danica definitely needs to learn how to set boundaries. Her relationship with Clementine, her grandmother and mother, takes equal parts in her quest for true love. Titus seems optimistic despite being fearful of his past. He thinks he is cursed and Danica might slip away. While the story has a happy ending, I find an issue with it.

First, this book is not big on logical thinking, but hey maybe witches have a different thought process than us mere humans. Second, if Danica was close to her mother, wouldn’t she have clarified if a situation bothered her?


The ending feels like it was squished together because there is a page or word limit. Sure, I was treated to some funny banter and plenty of love, but I think the situation resolved itself too easily for my liking. Not to mention a breadcrumb for the next book: Boss Witch with cousin Clem on the helm. It was a good fun read, nothing too heavy. Sure, there are issues with it, but nothing can’t be fixed with a good cinnamon bun.

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