Which Works Better: Micellar or Makeup Remover?

Micellar Cleansing Water Vs Eye Makeup Remover

I hate that double chin XD, but we are picking makeup remover products today, so ignore that chin please! For this experiment and post, I have Garnier brand. Mainly because they are store brands and are cheaper to buy, I have used Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water before, and both are actually items that I won from a website. The difference?

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Micellar Water contains just 1 product to cleanse the skin, while the eye makeup remover is a bisphasic product that is formulated specifically for waterproof eye makeup. This express version contains Arginine, which is supposed to help out with growing your eye lashes. The pink cap one is for sensitive skin. So if you are concerned about the state of your skin, pick the one with the pink cap, that is what the label says- I don’t buy it one bit though. I personally believe that micellar is skin friendly to begin with.

I do find that it is quite a gentle formulation, so I think it should be a good fit.

The Grimy Face:

Here is my before face, I had to use an mascara remover specifically for the mascara that I was using, it’s the Heroine brand and the mascara needs to be dissolved before I can remove it. It is a great product for crying occasions, but a hassle to remove without the special remover. I look like a raccoon crying for food, my lipstick’s almost gone as this is after dinner. I also had Maybelline’s Setting Spray on, though my eye brows are back to sparse state =(

Does look like nothing much to remove yeh?


It’s a Malaysian way of saying Viola! or Ta- Da!


This is why you must cleanse your face before bed ladies! Though I bet none of you are shocked at seeing these 2 dirty pieces of cotton, though I might add that I usually cleanse my face again. Yes, the good old Korean double cleanse. They both look equally bad, without any serious rubbing. I do prefer the micellar water, as the formulation is also quite soothing. But eye makeup remover actually does it a tad quicker, just a swipe or two less.


For normal human beings who do not need extra strong waterproof makeup, I think any of these is good. If you are using silicone based, or just stronger/ thicker makeup, then I think you will find this less effective. The added benefit of micellar water is that you can just use it any time for a pick- me- up. Although you can also use the eye makeup remover for no reason, I think it is kind of a waste. Cost wise, cheaper for Micellar per volume.



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