Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

I have been wearing the Mi Band 4 for 3 days only, so this is a review based on the 3 days. So far, for the price ( I paid AUD 56) but it is the Chinese version. The international English version is probably a little more expensive, but there is nothing different except for the fact that Chinese version comes in … Chinese as factory reset. It has Chinese characters until I pair it with my phone, then it call turns into English.

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Why Mi Band 4

I got this because I was tired of holding my phone and looking at it all the time during training.  Well, I have to make sure my posture is right, my personal trainer and chiropractor are on my case for this. I figured having a watch that vibrates will be heaps handy.

That is main reason, another one is of course these thing’s ability to track data. Heart rate and sleep are the two popular information that people like. It is cool to see how well or badly I rested the night before, and how much I slack off during my time in the gym. It can be a sobering fact because I have always believed that I work hard.

Apparently not.

The Good

Of course, the price of the brand is affordable for what it can do. It has a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope, which is a fancy way of saying it can track movements better. Good news if you are a swimmer, because it can now track swimming. It is water resistant to 50m or 5 ATM, the band also boasts that it can recognize 5 different swim sets. I will have to test that one out!

I am also using a 3rd- party app call: Notify & Fitness for Mi Band. Not a big big fan, but it allows interval timer, and has a lot more information to show on the standard Mi Fit app. I did pay for the Notify & Fitness app for the pro version, mainly just to access the interval timer that semi- works. Bummer but oh well.

I also wore it around my ankles, just to see how well it works. While it can track my heart rate okay on the leg (there’s a number that’s close to my normal) but during exercises I will wear it on my wrist. Mi Band also comes with a necklace strap, which I have ordered via eBay.

The Bad

Mine did not come with user manual, someone may have forgotten to put it back in after they tested/ charged my unit. Good thing is, the band is user friendly enough. There’s always Youtube to help me when I am in a pickle. I do not mind them testing my unit, because it’s a hassle to return things anyway.

I was hoping for a little bit more features, but at that price I cannot expect the world. Even the ever cool Garmin does not cover all aspect of health and fitness. It maybe unfair to ask for too much, but a longer charger strap maybe?

It is awfully short! Not to mention that I have to disassemble to charge the unit. On the bright side, it charges to full in 45 minutes, and lasts around 20 days. They say 20 days, but I am not sure if they did switch the heart rate monitor on for that.


Overall, I cannot fault this. I have been waiting/ researching for a while for something that can fit my needs. While the Mi Band 4 is close enough, there is still work to be done. If you want something like a Fitbit but do not what to pay that price, why not this?

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