Dr. G Medi UV Ultra Sun

IMG_20171119_105408342Dr. G Medi UV Ultra Sun

This sunscreen I got from SaSa when I was back home in Malaysia. It was recommended by the shop assistant there, because I was bamboozled by the amount of brands they have. They have reputable brands, and some of them are at a premium. It was hard going shopping in SaSa, everything is nice and sounds like they would work. Not to mention that they stock good variety of things for skin care.

Eventually I settled for this one, a Korean brand that sit lightly on my skin. It is slightly thicker thicker than my favorite Kose Suncut (review), but still a lot thinner in viscosity when you compare it with an Australian brand. The only downside for this brand, I am told… is that this is more a chemical sunscreen than a physical one. Hence it absorbs the UV rather than bounces it off on the surface level. The advice is to clean my face before each new application, so that it does not clog the pores. In Malaysia, that is certainly a good piece of advice. But I have not been doing it when I’m back here in Australia. So far I have no breakouts


First opening was in Brisbane, where my Kose Suncut ran out. These are not terribly big bottles, because they are mainly for the face. To me, if it is good for the face it should be good enough for all my other parts. Why should I carry two sunscreens? Do you know that sunscreens only last 12 months after opening? Here is another reason to just use one product for the whole body. I am liking this one, but I have other brands I have to go through. There are two more sitting in my cupboard. Notice the first photo had date opened at the bottom. You are meant to throw it away after 12 months.

Which is better? If you really want a good sunscreen that is not thick and goes on well, it is definitely the Kose Suncut that is Made in Japan. But, if you see this brand, so long as it is within your range, you should consider it.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. G Medi UV Ultra Sun

  1. For me when it comes to sunscreen, I always buy Aussie brands made for our climate here. They seem to have a better understanding of how harsh our summers can be. I buy a new cream just before each summer anyway but had no idea that they expire. Is that on the bottle because I’ve never noticed it. I usually buy either Sun Sense or the Cancer Council brand. I love the scent of Le Tan, the coconut always reminds me of summer but it doesn’t absorb into your skin and leaves me looking too glossy.

    1. That is true about your harsh summer, I think I like Neutrogena best when it comes to buying it locally. Though I know that they expire, I don’t really know why =/
      I haven’t tried Le Tan, but probably won’t know, since it makes you glossy ( I prefer matte)

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